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Termite Control


Our methods are consistent with the highest standard of treatment, performed by our expert, state-certified technicians. We are the proud providers of these termite control solutions since 1970:

Termidor ® - Full Label Conventional Treatment

  • All foundation walls drilled and treated (inside and out on crawl spaces) every 12 inches in additional to all adjoining slabs, porches, chimney voids, and expansion joints including garage.

  • All piers treated

    • Non-repellent product

    • Extended warranty available

    • Efficacy rate of 8-15 years per manufacturer

Termidor ® - Perimeter Plus Infested Area Treatment

  • Exterior foundation walls treated by trenching and rodding. Adjoining slabs, porches, and garages drilled and treated every 12” plus the area of infestation.

  • All piers treated

    • Non-repellent product

    • Extended warranty available

    • Recommended every 5 years

Termidor ® is a registered trademark and PerimeterPlus is a trademark of BASF.


Our warranty

Subterranean Termite Protection and Maintenance Warranty

A termite protection and maintenance warranty typically covers annual inspections, service calls for suspected termite problems and spot treatments if termite infestations are found to be active in or on the covered structure. The purpose of these protection plans is to provide the homeowner with not only a thorough annual inspection but also to provide valuable information that will help the homeowner take certain steps to prevent unnecessary termite problems. This can only be accomplished by a trained Pest Management Technician which is exactly what we offer at A-1.

Our company has created its own unique Certified 30-Point Inspection Process for our warranty homes to provide a uniform inspection procedure regardless of which of our technicians visits your home.

Our Termite Protection and Maintenance Plan includes the following:

  1. One complete, annual inspection performed by a State Certified Wood Destroying Organism Inspector/Technician.

  2. Other inspections or service calls throughout the year as the homeowner may find insects or conditions that they suspect could be a termite problem.

  3. Infested area termite treatments to any part of the covered structure where an active termite infestation exists.

  4. Professional advice about how to help keep your home free of termite problems.

  5. All crawl space inspections include wood moisture content checks and inspections for other wood destroying insect problems.

  6. Annual offer of renewal at the homeowner’s option if all terms and conditions of the plan are met.

Regular annual inspections and a concerted effort by the homeowner and the Pest Management Technician are the only ways to protect your home from serious termite problems.

It should be understood that all homes will need a full post-construction termite treatment approximately every 8 to 15 years to maintain solid termite protection that began with the termite pretreatment done at the time of construction.

Termite Protection and Maintenance Plans are not intended to replace this necessary post-construction treatment but rather are meant to compliment it by tending to problems that may arise between post-construction treatments and to advise the homeowner of conditions conducive to infestation so they can be corrected.