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What We Can Do For You

At A-1 Inc. Exterminators we want to provide you with the safest, most effective and economical service possible while keeping your individual needs and concerns in mind. The service consultants in our office answering our phones are just that!!! Service consultants! Each of them are individually licensed with the Department of Agriculture as Registered Technicians. They are trained to know what to ask, how to answer your questions and how to find the answers to questions they can’t. Unlike commissioned sales people other companies offer to send to your home, we have trained individuals just a phone call away, giving you accurate information, preparation instructions, bottom line prices for services expected and the personal attention you need.

We want you to know you’re getting the best possible service for YOUR needs and YOUR family. Even after the service, always call us if in doubt. We’re only too happy to take the time to answer any questions.

    • Monthly/Bi-Monthly Service
      • This service consists of product applications to the interior of the home or structure targeting all general crawling pests and rodents.
    • Quarterly Service
      • This service includes a full interior product application targeting all general crawling pests and rodents as well as an exterior treatment to entryways.
    • Guardian Plan
      • This service includes a full termite warranty protection plan, four (4) quarterly outside foundation treatments, and unlimited interior pest control treatments at one yearly cost.The outside foundation treatments are regular exterior pest control treatments aimed to reduce the use of pesticide inside the home. They can be performed without you being home, removing the hassle of setting appointments and waiting to meet technicians.
    • Termite Warranty
    • Termite Control
    • Moisture Control
    • Organic Pest Control


We offer guaranteed service plans and One-Time services for those problems that require just that. And if you don’t see a plan that fits your needs – we’ll design one just for you! Just ask!!