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A-1 Inc. Exterminators prides itself in utilizing treatment methods to the highest standards performed by our expert, state-certified technicians. We are proud to be the providers of professional termite control solutions in the Hampton Roads, VA area since 1970.

Our treatment options are as follows (in descending order of product effectiveness):

Rating Product

Termidor® – Full Label Conventional Treatment

  • All foundation walls drilled and treated (inside and out on crawl spaces) every 12 inches in addition to all adjoining slabs, porches, chimney voids and expansion joints including garage
  • All piers treated
    • Nonrepellent product
    • Extended warranty available
    • Efficacy rate of 8-15 years per manufacturer

Termidor – PerimeterPlusTM Infested Area Treatment

  • Exterior foundation walls treated by trenching and rodding, adjoining slabs, porches, and garages drilled and treated every 12 inches PLUS drill and treat area of infestation
  • All piers treated
    • Nonrepellent product
    • Extended warranty available
    • Recommended every 5 years

* Termidor is a registered trademark and PerimiterPlus is a trademark of BASF.