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French Drains

French drains promote health within the crawlspace by preventing water from flowing into the crawlspace and redirecting it to an area that will not cause harm.


  1. Restricts water flow under foundation to prevent structural damage
  2. Helps to minimize excessive water intrusion in the crawl, thereby reducing problems with mold, mildew, fungus or structural effects
  3. Eliminates the possible need for other, more costly corrective measures
  4. Reclaim sodden areas of your yard for more practical and enjoyable usage


  • Two(2) applications incorporating a soil separator trench wrap and sock to prevent earthen debris from fouling drainage rock and PVC line
  • 1½” drainage rock for positive flow and years of effective moisture control
  • 4″ PVC utilities service grade drain line to create a constant run-off and allow for future effectiveness
  • High impact PVC conveniently spaced clean-outs to provide access to drain

Our custom drainage options:

  • Through-curb
  • Scupper or pop-up water evacuation
  • Sites to provide most effect with the least environmental impact

A look into the stages of a french drain installation:

french drain slideshow(config: frenchdrain)