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                      Featuring Cutting Edge Biopesticide Technology

                    Seasonal, Monthly & One Time Treatments

                      Our Season in South Hampton Roads begins Late March and runs through October/November

           Mosquitoes are annoying and can ruin any outdoor event. Equally important is their ability to cause allergic reactions and sickness, and spread disease including dog heartworm in our family dogs and Eastern Equine Encephalitis in horses.

          Most mosquito control services only come in the form of misting with pesticides however, this method is only effective on adult mosquitoes. You need more! At A-1 Inc., we offer a more comprehensive approach to mosquito control and management to treat all life cycles of the pest.

          The newest technology for mosquito control utilizes biopesticides that safely treat a specific target pest, in this case mosquitoes. Introducing In2Care Mosquito Stations! These stations draw egg laying female mosquitoes inside where she receives a dose of a biocide on her body specifically targeted to mosquitoes. She then carries it to her next breeding site where she deposits some of that same product. This process repeats itself many times in a matter of days before that female dies. This biocide deposited at the breeding sites eliminates the newly hatched mosquitoes before they can become adults.

What’s In2Care? 


Our Full Service Treatment:

           The initial service visit includes an overall inspection of your property to evaluate problem areas and concerns in addition to noting where the traditional misting applications should be performed, where larvicide applications should be made and finally, where In2Care Station placement would benefit the treatment plan for your home and family.

            A-1 uses a three-pronged treatment plan that offers immediate results for the adult mosquitoes with the misting application, lasting larvicide applications to work between visits AND an ongoing, active system that lets the mosquitoes help the cause by transferring the mosquito-specific biocide in the In2Care Stations to unknown and unseen breeding sites.

            Follow up visits are scheduled every 21-30 days where there is always an pre-inspection to note any new areas of concern, larvicide applications are made where needed, misting is performed in areas providing safe harbor for mosquitoes and In2Care Stations are serviced to refill/change out active ingredients.

            As members of the EPA’s Pesticide Stewardship Program and Virginia’s Pollinator Protection Program, we are keenly aware of the need to reduce the amount of pesticide used in our environment to protect vital components of our ecosystem, the pollinators and many other non-target insects or animals. Using minimal pesticide misting, selected larvicide applications and In2Care Stations in place, the mosquito population around your home can be managed very well even if there are other breeding sites nearby outside of your property and without repeated, unnecessary harmful pesticide applications.



How does In2Care Work?


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In2Care_V3_A-1 Inc. Exterminators

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